Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hearts and Other Flights of Fancy

The entirety of this past week has been filled with take-down activities following the first open studios event. Decompression needed to take place so that internal creative batteries could recharge. The welcomed lull in activities allowed time to fully enjoy my recent issue of Quilting Arts Magazine and to indulge in a bit of creative play. In one of the publication's e-mails 5 free patterns were included and the urge to make the folded bag was irresistible. That brought out the paints, decorative yarns and sewing machine--all items that had been stored away in anticipation of open-studio Saturday. There was no stopping then. Snippets found their way into a heart and the left over felt pieces from cutting the bag pattern seemed to magically find complimentary fabrics to become an art doll. The remainder of the studio event take-down activities had to wait. When the muse rings, she must be invited in for a visit.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Artists in Action - Open Studio Event

The past months have been very busy ones of painting, creating art quilts, opening a shop on Etsy, organizing with a friend a core group of 9 emerging artists from San Diego, California's North County into a group we have named Artists in Action and hosting our invitational 1st Annual Arts and Fine Handcrafts Emporium on November 7, 2009. The event experienced success that was beyond our wildest expectations. Over 100 guests visited our 6 hour open studios and sales were phenomenal. The level of enthusiasm among artist participants, as well as among guests, was over the top and already we are laying the ground work for another event in the Spring of 2010.

Only a few pictures were taken by one of the guests who graciously shared them with me and those are posted above. With any luck we will have an official photographer for the Spring open studios. 2009 has been an exciting year and 2010 looks as if it is going to hold even more joyous moments of creative work, networking among other artists, and establishing and "marketing" the art works of our newly formed group of talented artists and artisans.

Artists in Action - Open Studio Event