Sunday, March 25, 2012

Posters and Quilts and Art, Oh My!!

Lots of fun things have been happening these past few weeks.  After the Quilts on the Wall meeting a couple of weekends ago, Mia Bloom, Mary Beth Kile and I visited the Cerritos Public Library to see the group's "Gates" exhibit that has been traveling throughout the U.S.  Wow, what a beautiful library it was and right in the main hall was our exhibit. I was fortunate to receive a copy of the poster that had announced the exhibit and exhiexhilarated to see that my quilt (2nd row, 3rd photo) was featured on the poster.
Then yesterday I received news that another of my quilts had been accepted into the Santa Monica Art Studios Hangar Gallery for its exhibit that starts on May 19th.  
"Escape  and Return"
One of the highlights of the Quilts on the Wall weekend was Mia Bloom's gifting me "Art", one of her Graffiti Inspirations works.  She leaves these works at various places as  "found art" and I have always wished that I could find one of her paintings.  I was absolutely thrilled.  I'm convinced that Mia's Graffiti Inspirations would be a great hit in poster format.  Here is the one that she gave to me.
"Art" from Mia Bloom's Graffiti Inspirations series
After being away for close to two weeks, there was lots of catching up to do on the  homefront, so I haven't even visited the sewing machine and have spent most of my studio time straightening up the area after the final push to complete the "Black and White with a Twist of Color" challenge.  During my time away, my daughter had collected a bag of ephemera for me and that was fun going through.  One box contained beads and sequins and beading patterns from the 1940's.  Loved that.  Here are a few of the items in that box.  
Inherited ephemera
And, now, as I wait for rain that may never arrive, it's been doodle time...



That's about all for today, folks.  It's been fun.