Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hope Mojo Pocket Doll


Yet another Mojo Pocket Doll made it's way to Etsy.  Hope--something we all need.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Link to TAFA Logo Competition

For all who are intested in entering art work for the new TAFA logo, here is the link:

The present logo is already great.  Imagine how phenomenal the facelift of the TAFA site will be when it launches the winner's logo design!  Wowie.

"Goodness and Health" Mojo Pocket Dolls


Over the past few days, I've eked out the time to post a few more of my Mojo Pocket Dolls with their own little pocket purses on Etsy.  "Goodness" and "Health" are the most recent.  Making these dolls is quite fun.  Each polymer clay face takes on a life of its own.  My scrap bag overfloweth with prized snippets and these dolls offer me the opportunity to dig back into the bag to revisit these old fabric friends.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


TAFA - The Textile and Fiber Arts List is getting a facelift.  The site is posting a competition for a new logo, so if you are an artist who enjoys creating eye popping logos, visit the site and join in the competition.  The winner will receive a great prize.

I have created a set of Mojo Pocket Dolls that I will soon be listing in my Etsy store.  They need better pictures than what I now have, but here is a peek of just a few.  Each was made from fabrics in my quilting stash and each comes with its own little pocketbook.






Friday, February 4, 2011

The Work Surface Grows

Merely spanning two tables with a sheet of plywood made working on a fairly large art quilt so much easier than trying to work on round and oval tables that the idea grew and grew.  By merely connecting two tables with plywood, the center of which is supported by a small rolling cabinet, I now have created over 9 feet of flat work surface.  The bonus is that it forms a return from my sewing table that also acts as a support for larger quilts when they are taken to the sewing machine.  It is my dream to someday have a "real" worktable of this size with shelves and drawers under it, but until that time, this setup is working famously.