Saturday, February 5, 2011


TAFA - The Textile and Fiber Arts List is getting a facelift.  The site is posting a competition for a new logo, so if you are an artist who enjoys creating eye popping logos, visit the site and join in the competition.  The winner will receive a great prize.

I have created a set of Mojo Pocket Dolls that I will soon be listing in my Etsy store.  They need better pictures than what I now have, but here is a peek of just a few.  Each was made from fabrics in my quilting stash and each comes with its own little pocketbook.







  1. Thanks for posting about our logo competition, Linda! I hope we get a lot of great entries! It will be great fun to see how different people interpret our site.

    And, thank you for all the support you give TAFA! Your spirit is contagious and so uplifting.

  2. Oh, I just realized there is no link to the logo competition. Here it is: