Thursday, May 20, 2010

Final Fabric Mock-Up for Moroccan Themed Party

Earlier blog entries describe that I was enlisted by a professional stager to create twelve 10' fabric panels for a Moroccan themed gala event. Before I began work on the entire fabric, it was essential that the stager approve the design I had worked up. Thus, I set about making sample. Since an airbrushing effort was unsuccessful, I dyed a cotton panel of fabric cardinal red, heat set it with a hot iron when it was dry, and then used an original vinyl stencil (shown below) to block in yellow diamond shapes with acrylic paint to which I added fabric medium. The next step involved painting rough square shapes in a lime green color with a paint brush. Next an orange circle was stamped onto the lime green square. Finally, large dots were added by using a cork to stamp gold, and blue dots. It is a pleasure to report that the mocked up design was met with enthusiastic acceptance.

When the airbrushing attempt did not work well, I cut a 6' stencil out of a strip of clear vinyl that was left over from another project. Since I was asked to do art work on twelve 10' cloth panels in less than a week, the Moroccan influenced design needed to be uncomplicated so I chose to use repetitive diamond shapes. The vinyl stencil was cut with a new, sharp craft knife.


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