Thursday, July 1, 2010

Egyptian Figure with Column

Dover Royalty Free Clip Art
Recently my friend loaned me a copy of a Dover publication with royalty free Egyptian images.

Full Figure Fabric Translation of Image.
A couple of days later another friend gave me strips of painter's canvas that were left over from a canvas stretching project. She said she was sure I would do something with the strips. Serendipitously, the rolled canvas strips lay next to the Dover publication on my coffee table. It seemed as if an image wanted to be translated from the book to the canvas. An elongated female figure seemed as if it could be adapted rather easily. I enlarged the figure by sketching it directly on the canvas with pencil and then set about zig zag stitching decorative yarn around the outline of the figure's apparel. I used a rather close satin stitch with heavy duty cotton thread to outline the arms, head and feet, as well as used a straight stitch to define the column. I free motion stitched scallop shapes into the garment and then filled in the face, arms, feet and column with Tsukineko sand colored fabric inks. How the piece will be finished has not yet been determined. I may use batting and backing and quilt it. I may fuse it to a complementary backing and add a hanging sleeve. All that will develop another day--perhaps tomorrow.

Closeup of head, torso, skirt top and part of column.

Closeup of Head

Closeup of Torso

Closeup of Skirt.

Closeup of Feet


  1. Very interesting art quilts. So much talent. I've added you to my following list.

  2. Thank you for your kind remarks. I'm glad you found me. I checked out your website and I very much like the diversity of your handmade items.

  3. The intricacy of your work - words can't describe. She's the loveliest lady of them all!!! Such a soul, created from scraps and strings. Love it!!!!

  4. To Linda of artbyanderson...Thank you for your wonderful remarks. I am awed by your artwork and I am truly awestruck by your kind words.

  5. I love how you interpreted the Egyptian figure to make it your own. Keep creating!