Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"On the Edge"-- A New Work

Completed this new work yesterday and managed to post it on Etsy today.  I was greatly moved by the Quilt Visions of San Diego exhibit that featured the work of Jeanne Lyons Butler a couple of weeks ago and had to experiment with white stitching on a white background with simple line and shape embellishments.  I also wondered how the hard edges of aluminum would work with an elegantly delicate voile.  I liked the results and wanted the 6 1/2" x 9 1/2" quilted work to stand alone as an independent work of art, not merely a small art quilt, so prepped a stretched artist canvas with gesso, highly textured it with modeling paste to reflect the quilting lines, and then painted it with a rich, silver screen printing ink.  Once that element was completely dry, I hand stitched the art quilt to the canvas.  The art quilt is completely finished with double fold binding, a hand dyed backing and a label; however those elements cannot be seen without detaching the work from the canvas.


  1. I like the neutral quality to this Linda :)

  2. Valerie, I appreciate your feedback and I really like the pictures and links that you post on Facebook and on Twitter.