Sunday, May 1, 2011

First San Diego Etsy Sellers Meetup in Del Mar, California

The San Diego Etsy Sellers Meetup had its first public event yesterday, Saturday, April 30th, a warm and beautiful Del Mar, California day.  My quilts were shown under the name of "Linda's Art Quilts" and two other members also had displays.  The "Enchanted Forest" from Wendy Hannaford showcased absolutely captivating "Fairy Things" including head adornments, "Fairy Houses" and a most gorgeous and intriguing "Magic Mirror:  "Soar Like An Eagle"  from Joanne (Jody) Bolden presented a display of her one of a kind creations including miniature books, tiny pocket dolls, jewel quality magnets, and an array of outstanding greeting cards, along with other creative things that are almost too numerous to list. 

The lively, welcoming and supportive proprietor of the Earth Song Bookstore opened the store to host this event on the main street that runs through Del Mar.  If you have never visited Del Mar, it is one of those things that you might definitely enjoy.  The shops feature many one of a kind items and the eateries are outstanding.  This seaside town is one of the jewels in the Southern California crown. 

Lighting was not conducive to great photography from such a floundering amateur as I, yet a few photos were captured.    I also tried to use a video camera for the first time.  Although two fairly decent clips were gleaned, gave messages that there was an error in uploading the videos so, unfortunately, they are not included here. 
Still Shots

Large Poster Outside the Earth Song Bookstore

Joanne Bolden, Linda Friedman and Wendy Hannaford
(from left to right)

Joanne, Claudia and Wendy
(left to right)

Fairy Headress by Wendy Hannaford of "Enchanted Forest"

Fairy House by Wendy Hannaford of "Enchanted Forest"

Handmade foldout book by Joanne Bolden of  "Soar Like An Eagle"

Pocket Dolls and other miature marvels by Joanne Bolden of "Soar Like an Eagle"

Books and magnets by Joanne Bolden of "Soar Like an Eagle"

Partial display by Joanne Bolden of "Soar Like an Eagle"

Joanne Bolden of "Soar Like an Eagle" standing with Wendy Hannaford at her "Enchanted Forest" display

More magnets from Joanne Bolden of "Soar Like an Eagle"

Linda's Art Quilts  from me laid out on a table.

Another view of Linda's Art Quilts from me display

The day was enlivened by the bookstore's "resident" psychic reader who provides her services at the Earth Song Bookstore every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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  1. Were there only 3 of you? I'm an etsy seller and live in San Diego. (and the SAQA co-rep for San Diego)