Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Plea from Me to You

I'm attaching this link to Avery Office Products with the hope that you might take the time to register with so that you can vote for my grandson's school, Monte Vista Elementary in Vista, CA 92084. I have discovered through my daughter who volunteers regularly at the school that because of budgetary constraints the children are not being provided with essentials like paper, pencils and books.

Unfortunately and primarily because of the sad state of our economy, many of the children are from homes whose budgets are already at or below poverty level and these students do not have access to basic tools to augment their learning process. Because of the generosity of those parents who are able to contribute, these basics are being provided but only on a severely limited basis. It is impossible for the few to provide adequately for the total school population. I registered and voted today.

Presently, Monte Vista Elementary is number 500+ down the line, but I am hoping that with our votes, one of which can be added daily, we might be able to skyrocket this number to a win. An investment of just a moment of our time could make a significant difference in many children's lives.

If you do register and don't wish to receive promotional notices from Avery, merely leave the bubble next to this option blank. I often use the free template downloads that Avery lets the public access, but your vote is NOT contingent upon receiving promotional material.

If you opt to cast your votes, I send you my greatest gratitude. $10,000 would make a world of difference to Monte Vista Elementary School children.

With great thanks,

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