Friday, August 5, 2011

Fat Thread, Skinny Needle

How to Draw the Camel through the Eye of a Needle

Problem:  How to draw a fat thread or one that separates through the eye of a thin needle.

Here is the needle and here is the thread.

Clip a length of thin thread and fold it in half.

Thread the loop of the thin thread through the eye of the needle.

Thread the fat thread through the loop of the thin thread.

Pull the loop of thin thread back through the needle.

As the loop is pulled through the eye of the needle, the fat thread will also be pulled through the eye.

Success!  The fat thread is through the eye of the needle and ready to sew.


  1. So simple, yet I don't think I've ever tried this before. Thanks, Linda.

  2. Valerie, This method of pulling threads through a needle saved me recently when a few threads were too short to rethread and bury in a quilt. I just did this on a short needle and it worked like a charm. I was hoping to see you at the Long Beach quilt show again this year, but, alas, luck was not on my side. I really enjoy your blog postings.