Friday, February 10, 2012

Swiss Artist's Humanitarian Vision

Artist creates works to support an orphanage and the education of women and children in Africa.

I just learned that my Swiss friend, who creates jewelry and puzzles to benefit the education of women and children in Africa, will travel to an African school for orphans to contribute his invaluable support.  I knew that he would be visiting Bangui in Central Africa in March, but I did not know that he would be devoting his time and efforts to orphans.  From my safe, idyllic hillside studio in Southern California, U.S.A., my heart reaches out to my friend and those whose lives he seeks to help.

Today I offer you a few images of his original, whimsical, refrigerator magnet puzzles.  You may find a broad array of Jean's puzzles here.

See my blog post of February 8th, 2012,  where I showcased a few pictures of the Jean's beautiful jewelry and posted links to the huge array of his jewelry.  Here are a few more pieces.

One need only watch the evening news or read the newspaper or see headlines across the internet to realize how desperately aid for suffering women and children in Africa is needed.   It isn't often that we are able to purchase works of art to beautify ourselves and our spaces for such competitive prices and to also know with certainty that our purchase will directly benefit people who are in great need.  The next time you think about purchasing jewelry or a gift for a child, I hope that you consider Jean Nordmann's artistic creations. You may inquire about his works at:
Jean Nordmann
85 Hebelstrasse
4056 Basel

...or contact him via e-mail at...


  1. Very beautifully made jewelry with many different designs, some of them will carry your imagination far away to the savannahs of Africa.

    (Alexandra -- a fan from Switzerland)

  2. To anonymous from Switzerland,

    You are so very right. This jewelry is magnificent.

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