Sunday, July 14, 2013

"Farewell Toast to Winter" was chosen for an Etsy Treasury

What a pleasant surprise it was this morning to find that my "Farewell Toast to Winter" appeared in the Etsy Treasury, "Touchable", created by Polish textile artist, Bozena Wojtaszek. Her Treasury can be viewed in full here.  
Below are some closeups of this quilt that was "drawn" with stitching.  It just developed as I admired a rosebud on my table and as I worked at the sewing machine.

 Remember--Revel in the "what if" moments.  Snatch them up and see what happens.  Don't let an opportunity for discovery ever slip away.


  1. Congratulations, Linda! I love how you took an amazing sketch and turned it into an equally amazing piece of fiber art. Have you considered doing a series?

  2. Thanks for your comments, Mia. I do have several more stitched sketches; however, none are on this scale and they are being incorporated into one larger work. Your suggestion is definitely one to consider.