Monday, November 3, 2014

Fantasy Insect Flight - Fiber Art Post Cards

It seems that it is almost impossible for me to discard anything that might be used.  After cutting a Soft Kut block to a size I needed for another project, a narrow rectangular piece was left over and I was moved to cut a vine shape into it.  That little block lay on my worktable for a few days.  I auditioned it on a scrap of fabric.  Hmmmm.  I liked it but what to do with it?

I had a few sticky back foam sheets that begged me to cut out a flying insect shape.  Ah, ha!  Serendipitously I happened to lay it near the little vine block and flying insect post cards were off to a flying start.

I drew around a 4"x6" post card five times to establish where to place the stamp prints and here is how the postcards developed. (Only 5 card shapes would fit onto the remnant of fabric or I would have stamped more.)

Vine and Insect Stamp

 Acrylic Paint Mixed and Fabric Medium Applied with Fabric Sponge
Repeat Images Stamped onto Hand Dyed Fabric
Fabric Layered onto Low Loft Cotton Batting and Stitched
Free Motion Quilting in Progress
Establishing Where to Cut the Image from the Fabric

Cutting the Post Card Image from the Fabric
Ironing Fusible Webbing to Post Card Back
Fusing the Front to the Back between Folded Teflon Sheet
Final Set of 5 Post Cards (after zig-zaging edges closed)
Always remember, never fear to experiment.  
Sometimes wonderful things happen.
© Linda Friedman 2014.  All rights reserved.


  1. Great idea, Linda! I love how you can take scraps of fabric and left over SoftKut to make those beautiful postcards. The step by step directions are very clear and helpful.

    1. Thanks for dropping in for a look, Mia. I'm glad you found the instructions clear.