Friday, August 14, 2015

"Shaped by Fiber" and "Boundless" Exhibits

One Sunday, August 2nd, the group "Beyond the Edge Fiber Artists" installed a large exhibit at the magnificent Cerritos Library.  The installation of our art work will be on exhibit for the entire months of August and September, 2015.  If you happen to be in the Cerritos area, I hope you will stop in to visit the exhibit which features not only our 18" x 36" quilted art that is mounted on stretched canvases but also has an array of members' 3D and other fiber art works that fill the main lobby and History Room.  The library is located at:
Cerritos Library
18025 Bloomfield Avenue
Cerritos, CA  90703
One our members, Laura Bisagna, and her super talented videographer husband, Luke, created a great video that features the exhibit with a voiceover of the installation.  You can view this visual treat it at:

Below are a few photographs of the "Boundless" exhibit that were taken and shared by another member, Cynthia Catlin.  I will be visiting the library again soon and hope to take more photos of each mounted quilt in this installation and will share those in a future posting.
"Boundless Exhibit"

 "Shaped by Fiber" Exhibit
Set-up exuberance shared by ( L to R) Mary Beth Kile, Eileen Wintemute, Cynthia Catlin and the library curator

Glorious fiber art vessels by Cynthia Catlin
Me sharing a little joy over Cynthia Catlin's, Mary Beth Kiles's and my 3-D works
A closer view of 3-D fiber art works byCynthia Catlin, Mary Beth Kile and me
3D fiber art works by Cynthia Catlin and Madeleine Bajracharya
More 3D and mounted fiber art works by Cynthia Catlin, Mary Beth Kile and me.
Breathtaking, large art quilt by Laura Bisagna
Stunning art quilt banner by Mia Bloom
Various 3D and quilted arts by Cynthia Catlin and me
Various 3D and other fiber art works by Laura Bisagna and me
Quilted art by Eileen Wintemute
More quilted art by Eileen Wintemute
3D, sculptural and quilted arts by Cynthia Catlin  (quilted art on top shelf) and me
Hanging and mounted art quilts by Cynthia Catlin (top) and me (bottom)
Art Quilts by Laura Bisagna (top), Teresa Shippy (lower center) and art dolls by me
Art quilts and quilted, flat carryall by Laura Bisagna
Fiber art post cards by various Beyond the Edge Fiber Artists
Thanks for visiting.  Stop by again next week to see photographs of the individual 18" x 36" mounted works
Always remember, never fear to experiment.  
Sometimes wonderful things happen.
© Linda Friedman 2015.  All rights reserved

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