Sunday, December 6, 2015

Block Printing with Foam #5

Adding Salt for Texture

(For those who are just now joining in you can follow along from the beginning by linking to:  Step #1, Step #2, and Step #3  and Step 4.)

While the fabric was still saturated with layers of Setacolor fabric paint washes, I took out my improvised shaker of kosher salt that had been a taco sauce bottle.
Converted Taco Sauce Bottle

To make the bottle into a shaker I used an awl to punch holes in the lid.
Bottle Cap Top with Punched Holes
I then sprinkled salt all over the wet fabric.
Shaking Salt onto Wet Paint Washes
I usually do this step with the fabric in sunlight, but it was night and I wanted to see if the salt would draw up color without the benefit of the sunlight magic.  It worked, although not as dramatically as if the sun had been on it.  For the purpose of this work, the result was fine.  Yay!  Hard "edges" of color were softened and visual texture was created.
Close-up:  Result of Adding Salt to Paint Washings
Tomorrow I will post about a couple of images that I want to applique to this block printed,  painted background fabric.
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Until tomorrow...

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