Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Venerable Dot as Life's Teacher

Surface Design and Treatment of White Fabric
This began as a red strip that I painted onto white fabric as I was creating a mini tutorial on how to make a straight edge guide for use with a free motion foot.  The swath of white fabric on either side of the red strip begged to be filled.  After a few days of adding to the fabric with stamped dots and words, this is what emerged.  How the white fabric will be further transformed is yet to be determined.
Lessons that a dot can teach
Individual Sections
(Starting at the top left, going down the left side, then over and down the right side)
Top Left Section
Middle Left Section
Bottom Left Section
Top Right Section
Middle Right Section
Bottom Right Section

Morse Code Message to My Children in Red Stripe

Always remember, never fear to experiment.  
Sometimes wonderful things happen.
© Linda Friedman 2016.  All rights reserved


  1. Linda - such a lovely piece of art. It is so beautiful that I teared up a bit. You're such an amazing mom!xoxo

    1. Ahhh, Mia. So glad you like it and that it "spoke" to you. I'm thinking of folding it up and putting it in my living trust folder so that the girls can find it when "the time" comes.