Thursday, June 2, 2016

Dimenional Art Expressed in Fiber #1

 So many aspects of fiber captivate my interest that between quilted art , I enjoy creating dimensional fiber works.  Here are just a few that have come from my sewing machine.

 Two soft sculptured forms, thread stitched bowl and felted fruit forms.
Open Box Form
 Threads stitched onto water soluble stabilizer and formed into a box shape.
Opening Night
Thread stitched fluted open vessel, thread painted mask, and 
manipulable felt stitched over wire leaf forms 
Always remember, never fear to experiment.  
Sometimes wonderful things happen.
© Linda Friedman 2016.  All rights reserved


  1. You've been busy! All of the pieces are fabulous. I love the colors and shape of the open box form. I'm looking forward to seeing them in person.

    1. Thanks, Mia. Every form I look at these days I find myself assessing whether a thread work could be made in that shape.