Sunday, August 22, 2010

Crocheted Black Necklace with Faux Pearls

Although I finished this necklace a few days ago, it only made it to my Etsy shop today.

I am fortunate beyond words to have a studio that is stocked with a multitude of different fibers and supplies so that when I am not quilting or designing wearable art, the supplies are readily available to create other art related items. Years ago my grandmother made a necklace similar to this and I always wanted to create a similar piece of neckwear in honor of a lingering, gentle remembrance.

This 17" necklace was crocheted with black, cotton, crochet thread and is studded with an abundance of white, faux pearls. One end of the necklace has a loop which accommodates a large, transparent, pale blue bead at the other end for a fast and easy, yet secure, closure. It's timeless design makes this neck piece appealing to all ages and would be stunning with either casual or dressy attire.


  1. This is fabulous and any grandmother would be incredibly proud.

  2. Thanks, Stella Stitcher, for your lovely comment. I visited your site this morning and very much enjoyed your work.