Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Art Quilt:

"Escape and Return"

This quilt was designed to honor the greaceful crane and the efforts of those seeking to protect this elegant bird. It depicts cranes as they take flight to clear skies from the dense air of a wildlife reserve that has been set ablaze to clear dense growth that retards their natural feeding habitat. Soon the air will be clear and the controlled burn will make it possible for these elegant birds to return to their breeding grounds to forage for the nutrients that are essential for their successsful breeding and for their noteworthy longevity.

"Escape and Return" is a 21 3/4" x 28 1/2" a one of a kind, original design that was executed with the use of a 3 silk screen printing process and the crane figures were further enhanced for visual dimension with Tsukineko fabric inks. The diagonal swath of color across the quilt was achieved by the application of 3 shades of these inks. Various quilting techniques include echo, stitch in the ditch, outline and free motion circular stitching. The piece is double fold bound with satin fabric and is hand stitched to the reverse side which is signed and which also has a 4" hanging sleeve, the top of which is imbedded into the binding at the top of the quilt. Care has been taken to make this quilt immediately ready to hang.

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