Monday, September 5, 2011

Tea Bags, Checkerboards and Birds - The Final

The blue jay is finally finished.  Because the bird became somewhat lost on the busy background of squares, I drafted a circle around it and then filled it in with Jacquard luminescent textile paints to provide a contrast that would make the bird stand out.  Satin stitching around both the circle and the tea bag was done to provide a unified focal image.  The borders and reverse are made from a hand dyed fabric.  Since there was only a little of the hand dyed fabric left after the borders and backing were done, the hanging sleeve needed to be pieced.

Now, it's on to working on a piece with some writing on it...

Finished Tea Bags, Checkerboards and Birds

Close-up of Bird and Circle


Reverse - Close-up of Quilting


Close-up of Stitching around the Jay


  1. I love how this piece turned out. Are you going to bring it on Saturday for show and share?

  2. Really stunning. A few years ago I was in Nicaragua on holiday. There were a lot of jay birds. This quilt gives me a lot of memories. Beautifully done! My compliments.
    gr. Marjolijn (from the Netherlands)

  3. Love the BIRD! It looks like it is under a magnifier.

  4. To Mia: I'll bring it on Saturday, at least to share with you.

  5. To Marjolijn: Thank you so much for your kind comment. Your memory of Nicaragua was heartwarming.

  6. To Nikki: I never thought of it that way, but I think you're right. Super glad that you like it.