Sunday, September 4, 2011

Writing on Fabric

Writing on Fabric with Plaid's Tip-Pen Essentials

Finished writing
I have been experimenting with various methods of adding the written word to fabrics, but until now, the results have been sketchy to say the least.  Recently a friend let me use a product that she had not yet tried and I believe it is going to offer some reasonable results.

As a trial, I stretched a scrap swatch of nylon voile into an embroidery hoop and elevated the hoop a bit to keep the paint from seeping through the fabric and smearing.  I then squeezed some plain acrylic craft paint into one of the smaller bottles, screwed on the plastic applicator tip and then screwed on one of the metal tips.   I then began writing--something...anything.  Before me was a partial dictionary definition of the word, "art", so that is the reason behind this.

This is the Tip-Pen Essentials product by Plaid that I used.

 Here is everything that is included with the product.
There were 3 plastic bottles with plastic applicator ends and caps
and several different sized, metal applicator tips.

Close-up of applicator tips

Voile swatch stretched in embroidery hoop.
The ease of application and the results are now leading me to search on-line for this product so that I can return the applicator to my friend.  Presently I have a silk screened piece hanging to dry and am planning on adding writing to it.  I'll put it on the blog for your review whether or not the results are successful.


  1. Thanks for sharing a great step-by-step tutorial of your process!

  2. To Anonymous...Glad you found the entry interesting. The Plaid Tip-Pen is quite easy to use and the results are rewarding

  3. Thanks for sharing the product and tutorial. This product will be useful on the black/white/grey project that I'm working on.