Saturday, July 21, 2012

"Through the Marsh at Dusk" - a Sharpie Pen Overprint

A few weeks ago I posted a Sharpie Pen with an alcohol spritz print.  On that day I had actually made two different prints, but the second one seemed drab and I didn't believe it was worthy of posting.  That print sat on my work table just looking at me and vexing my sensibilities.  I even contemplated cutting it up or even throwing in away.  Before taking either of these drastic steps, I decided to use it as a background and over print it.  Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of the original print, probably because I didn't like it.  Here is the final product with various over printings that will be explained below.
"Through the Marsh at Dusk" - A Completed Overprinting
If you look closely, you will see shadows of orange, yellow and black circular images.  That was the original Sharpie Pen print.

First I applied blue painter's tape to make parallel lines and then used a stencil brush to apply Setacolor transparent paint in one direction.  Next the tape was applied perpendicularly across the first stenciled lines and also stenciled with Setacolor transparent paint.  A grid was created that started to look a bit like plaid.  I rather liked that but it probably would have made a better print for pajamas than a basis for an art work.

I dug into my stash of previously used screens and found these two that I thought might provide a counterbalance to the overall grid design.
The screen on the right produces an image that resembles grass or reeds and/or flames, depending upon the context in which it is used.  In this instance it could be used as reeds.  I did not screen it but, instead, used a stencil brush and a combination of red and green Setacolor transparency paints to make two, side by side, stenciled images.

After the reed layer was dry, I used the flying bird screen also as a stencil to apply three bird images with opaque, white Tulip fabric paint.  At first I was distressed that all the images were not crisp but upon a second look, I believe that the inconsistent printing actually enhanced the feeling of movement as these birds fly through marshland reeds at dusk.
It took a bit of doing to make what at first seemed like it was a flopped experiment into something that just might have possibilities.

It's a good day when a questionable "orphan" piece is brought into the larger family of works in progress.

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