Saturday, June 16, 2012

Honoring the Seasons in ACEO Cards

This little series began by using the last tiny blooms of some flowers that dear friends gave to me to make prints as a reminder of their visit.  For a look at the individual cards, click on my ACEO page/  Spring came to life with the flowers as print making devices and then came Summer, Fall and Winter.  After all, Spring has already sprung as we approach the red hot days of Summer and then come the beautiful browns and oranges of Fall and finally the year is rounded out with only a few leaves clinging to barren tree branches  And then,  joy of joys, we start  all over again with eager anticipation of a new year and new seasons to spark our imaginations.


  1. Inspiring artwork! These pieces work beautifully together as well as individual pieces.

    1. Since ATC cards are mini works of art, they can act as references for larger works. I'm happy that you liked these, Mia. Thanks for your comment.