Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Delight in Colorful Fiber and Thread Bowls by Linda A. Miller Designs


I am exceedingly honored that Linda A. Miller has featured my profile in her blog,  Following the Thread.  Check out her page on TAFA for a visual delight of her works.  Her art quilts are luscious and her thread bowls are out of this world beautiful.  I promise that you will also delight in touring her Etsy shop.  Here is just a sampling of one of Linda Miller's over-the-top, gorgeous thread bowls and one of her vibrant art quilts.

Ruffled Thread Bowl with Rust Swirl
Thread Bowl by Linda A. Miller

Art Quilt by Linda A. Miller


  1. Thank you, Linda! I am honored you chose to reciprocate by writing about my work!

    1. Your work is astounding and I really feel that lots and lots of people should have the opportunity to enjoy it.