Saturday, January 19, 2013

"Face Value: It's Not a Black and White World"

"It's Not a Black and White World"
"Face Value" was this month's theme for the Serendipity Art Quilt Group to which I belong.  It seems that when creating a new quilted work, I tend to hand dye and/or paint fabrics but this time I decided  to dig into my stash and resurrect some fabrics that had been ignored for too long.  The background, however, was hand dyed.

A while back I had created a stamp from sticky back craft foam
Original Sticky Back Foam Stamp
but the image needed to be enlarged so that the silhouettes could fill the ground.  I copied the stamp onto card stock at 125%, and then used a craft knife to cut a stencil to use as a pattern for the faces.
Stencil from Stamp Image
 I then traced around the stencil onto freezer paper and ironed the freezer paper onto the fabrics.  Next, I ironed Misty Fuse to the back of the fabric (using a release paper to keep the fusible from sticking to the iron.  The next step was to use scissors to cut around each shape.  After the faces were cut, the freezer paper was removed and the images were ironed to the background.

Next I layered the top to batting and another square of hand dyed fabric for the backing.  Because I had already planned out the quilting pattern and I knew that it was going to be dense stitching, I used Sullivans Original Quilt Basting Spray instead of pins to keep the fabrics together.

Once the fabric was "sandwiched", I chose threads close to the colors of the faces and satin stitched around each image.
Satin Stitching Around Faces
The quilting is a scroll design that I wanted to be fairly consistent, so I drew the scroll lines onto the backing with a dull #2 pencil to guide me through this stage.  I used a fine, light yellow thread in the bobbin and metallic gold by Superior Threads for the top thread.  Because I wanted the background to suggest tapestry, I stitched over the quilting lines twice.
Quilting Design
The edges were finished by couching twisted cording with the same gold thread that had been used for the quilting design.
 And here it is, again, finished with a happy sense of completion.

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