Monday, December 17, 2012

Six Inch Mounted Fiber Art is Addictive

Once again, today I turned to the swatches of fabric that Deborah Stanley gave to me.  This time I wanted to experiment with a quilting design for the Quilts on the Wall "Maps" quilt theme that will be submitted in March, 2013.  I had been in a quandary about how I should quilt around the figure in my quilt, but when my eye fell on the print in one of Deborah's swatches, I figured I could adapt it and that it would be just what the doctor ordered.  The scroll quilting around the flower in this 6" mounted quilt is what I am now using,  The scrolls in this piece are cut off due to the size of this work; however, they will be full and connected scrolls in the larger "Maps" quilt.

More frequently than not, my freemotion quilting "practice" pieces are turning into little works on their own.  Now that I've refined the process of making 6" stretcher bar frames, I may never again look at practice pieces as only practice. 

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  1. Linda enriches my life. Her quilting, fabric painting, creativity, looking at the world through her eyes, her generosity in sharing her creative processes and how-tos, all of this is a fabulous gift. I love photographing the elements in her studio: they are all artfully arranged (must come naturally to this gal) and a visual feast themselves. Linda is an old friend and one of my best friends. I hate that she lives so far away but we make plans to see her often! Her talent, skill and artistic eye shine through her creations to the observer. I am proud to know her.