Monday, December 10, 2012

Log Cabin e-book from Fons and Porter

E-Book Cover
I am happy to report that I have been given the opportunity by Fons and Porter to review their Log Cabin Quilt e-book.  I received the book today and am quite impressed with this publication.  It provides a variety of illustrated examples of traditional log cabin, courthouse steps and chevron blocks with layout options.  Strip widths needed for block sizes that range from 4 ½” to 13 ½” are provided in easy to follow charts, as are color coded and numbered assembly diagrams.  Moreover, materials needed for a full quilt are clearly listed, along with cutting and finishing directions.  Thread types, quilting pattern suggestions, and even a trapunto feather design that approaches a tutorial in itself, are explained in pictorial detail. 

I am not only impressed with the clarity of the directions but also with the very valuable tips so that a finished log cabin quilt will be picture perfect.  There is also a tremendous, step by step illustrated description of how to end binding in a way that is “lumpless”—almost invisible.  This is the best description of how to do this that I have ever seen and I will definitely follow this process when I bind the quilt that I am presently working on.

Great thanks to Fons and Porter for the opportunity to review this e-book.

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