Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gallery Wrapped Fiber Art on Stretcher Bars

Six Inch Fiber Art Gallery Wrapped on Stretcher Bars
Yesterday I posted a note about using a Craftsman Band Clamp to square up stretcher bars.  Here are two examples of how fiber art can be gallery wrapped onto the 1" x 2" stretcher bars.  I cut 4" strips of black fabric, folded the strips in half, and ironed the strips for a sharp mid-line crease.  I then stitched the strips with a 1/4" seam as facing to the  6 1/2" square fiber art.  Finally, I mounted the art to the stretcher bars by pulling the facing to the back side and stapling it securely.  Waalaa--gallery wrapped fiber art ready for hanging.

As a reminder, here is a picture of the Craftsman Band Clamp that made this mounting project a quick and accurately squared one.
Craftsman Band Clam -  Squaring Stretcher Bars   

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  1. Great post, Linda! When I wrap fabric around a frame, the fabric bunches in the corners. I will definitely try this technique. Thanks for sharing!