Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sketching with Thread (Continued)

Embellishments Added
As I looked at the piece I posted yesterday, it dawned on me that it might benefit by the addition of a representation of animate life.  I put some red fabric with stabilizer in an embroidery hoop made for use with sewing machines and freemotion embroidered a ladybug image and then stitched it atop one of the flower petals.  Then beading seemed appropriate, so out came the beads and on they went to the quilt sandwich.
Closeup of Embroidered Lady Bug and Beading
What started out as a practice piece became a stand alone mini art quilt.  Now I need to decide whether I am going to bind it or it on put a facing on it and wrap it on a 6" x 6" frame. 

More to follow...

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