Sunday, February 3, 2013

Floral Studies on ACEO Cards

"Across Open Land" ACEO Cards
These cards were created from one of those "what if" questions--What if acrylic paint is mixed with Elmer's white glue?


1.   The glue thinned the paint to a transparent quality, spread smoothly, and remained wet on the card surface so that images could be inscribed with a dull implement.  I used the rounded wooden end of a paintbrush to inscribe looped shapes to suggest flowers. 

2.  Unlike thinning acrylic paints with water which tends to warp the card, the glue thinning agent first warped the paper but then it settled to a flat surface.

3.  The glue sealed the surface with a matte finish upon which I then added line drawings with a very fine Sharpie retractable pen and watercolor pencils.

All in all, I believe that the process of thinning acrylic paint with Elmer's glue was a successful one.

Here are closeups of each card:

Floral Study #1
Floral Study #2
Floral Study # 3
Floral Study #4
Marching Across the Land