Sunday, May 12, 2013

Exciting Gallery Solo Exhibition of Deborah Stanley's Art

Yesterday I had the singular opportunity to attend the opening reception of Deborah Stanley's art at Soft Expressions Gallery in Tustin, California.  Deborah's fiber art works are deliciously refined and capture the essence of her portraiture subjects and her pictorial works.  I managed to capture only a few photos of Deborah's art.  I only wish that these photos could have been good enough to adequately reflect the truly fine quality of Deborah's work.  To enjoy more of Deborah's art, visit her website, Deb's Artistic Inspirations.

Here are a few additional photos of Deborah's art that is in her solo exhibit:

Deborah discusses her art with reception attendee, Mary Tabar

Attendee, Mary Tabar stands with one of Deborah's works

Reception attendee, David Charity, admires one of Deborah's fine works

Artist, Deborah Stanley (in black and white attire) enjoys discussing art with Teresa Shippy, Mary Beth Kile, Nancy Mraz and Mary Tabar (from left to right)

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  1. All these art pieces look very beautiful. I am just so pleased to have a look at these. At the local event space in Chicago I would also be displaying my oil paintings. I am sure people would appreciate my art work as well.