Monday, August 26, 2013

Artful Image Printed on Dryer Sheet

Faint Image of Sun Printed on Dryer Sheet
I've read about others incorporating images printed on used dryer sheets and then working these images into their fiber arts but I had not experimented with this until today.  Since it is a overcast day and too muggy to work in the garden, I gave printing on dryer sheets a try.  These are the steps that I took...

1.  I scanned a goofy postcard of a sun that I made a while back into the computer.
2.  Repositionable spray mount was applied to the back of a used dryer sheet and then affixed to a blank sheet of copier paper so that it would go through my injet printer.

3. The scanned image of the sun was then printed onto the used dryer sheet.

4.  The printed image was very faint, but I liked it because it didn't dominate the piece onto which it was then stitched.
 5.  Here is the finished piece.  The background was created from the left over fabric from another art quilt, "Through Thick and Thin" that I made for the Serendipity Art Quilt Group.* Voile fabric was loosely atop a felt background.  I went back to it and made different freemotion quilting patterns in each folded over element.  To provide further visual depth, I shaded each quilted element with an application of green Intense Watercolor from a set of color blocks.
Whenever I have left over pieces from another art quilting project, I save them and use them to practice freemotion quilting motifs.  I like some of these "practice" pieces very much and am combining them into a larger work, so this piece may soon appear as a surprise element elsewhere.  Stay tuned, friends :-)
*  Since the "Through Thick and Thin" quilt exchange has not yet been posted on the Serendipity Art Quilt blog, I am showing my quilt here so that you can see the sky fabric of the original work from which the left over fabric was salvaged.
"Through Thick and Thin - Friends Walk Side by Side" ©Linda Friedman 2013


  1. Love this technique, Linda. The artwork made from the dryer sheets has an ethereal look.

    1. I'm glad you liked this technique, Mia. :-)