Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Art of Sharing (by artists)

Fabric Gift from Mia's Stash
Beyond the Edge Fiber Artists met yesterday to herald in the holiday season.  Being in the company of lively, creative, accomplished fiber artists is joy enough but when members share their bounty it is a time to jump up and down and clap. 

Mia Bloom brought a big bag of fabric from her stash to share and the picture above shows the great fabrics that I grabbed up as if there were no tomorrow.  Mia overdid her generosity by also gifting beautiful potted plants from her garden.
Beautiful Potted Plant from Mia Bloom
Teresa Shippy brought squeals of happiness out of everyone when she let each member choose Christmas socks, the continuation of a tradition that she started last year.  I picked a pair that I could wear year round.  They are so soft and warm--perfect for this time of year.
Christmas Socks from Teresa Shippy
Eileen Wintemute, our #1, superb hostest with the mostest, presented everyone with an 8"x8" stretched canvas.  There couldn't have been a more thoughtful, perfect gift for a gathering of artists.
Stretched Canvas Gift from Eileen Wintemute
And, EGAD!  jo p. griffith (and yes, all letters are lower case :-) presented everyone with a 2015 calendar that has a picture of one of her art works on it.  The poor girl!  We all descended upon her to sign our calendars.  Her work is so amazing that she is sure to become one of the greatest recognized artists of all time and we will have a signed work!!!
jo. p. griffith's Calendar Gift
And the pièce de résistance had to be Cynthia Caitlin's Ghirardelli chocolate bar!  Oye!  Be still my heart. 

The world stopped still with Cynthia Caitlin's gift of chocolate
It is such a great honor and pure fun to be a part of Beyond the Edge Fiber Artists.  Each of us, and collectively, are exhibiting widely, so I hope you will check out what this group is up to on its blog that our leader, Eileen Wintemute has created and maintains.  Eileen's leadership keeps this lively group on track and is taking our 's works into wonderful exhibiting venues.  Kudo's to Eileen.

Always remember, never fear to experiment.  
Sometimes wonderful things happen.
© Linda Friedman 2014.  All rights reserved


  1. Linda ~ thank you for documenting our meeting. It was such a fun, tasty and creative day!

    1. I had great fun sorting and bundling the fabrics you gifted to the group, Mia, and your plants are now gracing the front of my house. I know they will provide many years of enjoyment.

  2. Replies
    1. It was a great day of sharing ideas, luscious food, and outstanding artistic camaraderie. And you, Eileen, are the best hostess on the planet. Thanks so much for sharing your home, your studio and your art with us.