Friday, February 13, 2015

Honoring the Stately Peacock in Fiber

For the last few weeks I have wanted to create a mounted fiber art work that honors nature's stately peacock.  A couple of nights ago I put all my unanswered questions to bed and jumped into the project. 
Starting with the Head

Here's a little hint of what I hope will turn out to be a reflection of what my mind envisions.
Because this piece may be shown in a Beyond the Edge Fiber Artists exhibit, I can't show the drawing and steps in full until the art work is exhibited--that is, if it is chosen.  I can say that this piece will be hand painted with Setacolor fabric paints offered by Dharma Trading Company, mounted on an 18" x 36" stretched canvas and will extend beyond the bottom edge.  The peacock image will be appliqued to a hand dyed complementary background and will be heavily quilted with surface embellishment. 

As I move along with this work, I'll post more steps. 
Always remember, never fear to experiment.  
Sometimes wonderful things happen.
© Linda Friedman 2015.  All rights reserved


  1. Beautifully painted, Linda! I can't wait to see the final artwork.

    1. Thanks, Mia. I've spent the last few days working on the tail mean feat, I must say, but thoroughly enjoying exploring the anatomy of a peacock feather. Nature has it hands down in the creativity and color arena. The best I can do at this point is try to capture the "feel" of them.

  2. Replies
    1. I'm workin' on it Stacy. Thanks for dropping in to take a look.