Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Life is Breathed into Henry

The Tribute to Henry is nearing completion. The tulle sandwich on which Henry's form was stitched was placed on a creamy, wool background and then attached to the background by machine needle felting the layers together. A fluffy, salvaged mohair scarf was used for batting and the backing came from an old wool skirt that had been deconstructed. All layers were then quilted by machine needle felting them together. The quilt was squared up a second time because the needle felting process had slightly skewed the project. The unit was further quilted by top stitching leaf forms around the edge and a row of decorative stitches to provide an inside framing structure. The edges were then sealed by satin stitching with heavy weight thread. After the quilt resides on the design wall for a few days, further embelishments may be added, but at this point, the quilt is finished and only needs the addition of a hanging sleeve.

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