Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rapture of the Deep

This quilt has been great fun to make. It started a couple of years ago very innocently as a small paintstick doodle on a small piece of muslin. Over the months it developed into a springbboard for experimentation. I cast the seahorse figure from a mold I made from a bronze bookend. The metal frame was cut from the bottom of a disposable roasting pan and then embellished through embossing with whatever dull object that happened to be at hand and colored with newly discovered alcohol inks. The project seemed to grow all by itself. I have yet to be able to capture the vibrant colors in a picture. Lighting hasn't been right. When I finally capture a good, bright image, I will post it. Meanwhile, the photos here show the full quilt, a few details and the label that I designed and stitched with free motion embroidery.

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