Sunday, June 6, 2010

Finished Grandma's Attic Art Quilt

This small art quilt was great fun to make. Because the upholstery fabric scraps reminded me of the furniture in my grandmother's living room, it took me on a memory voyage to her attic. In that magical place were all sorts of wonderful things that made for a magical childhood experience. A wooden box held many pieces of costume jewelry that she no longer wore but were like gems to a little girl. Summer days spent playing in the attic while birds sang in the trees at the wondow were straight from a storybook.

Every time an opportunity presents itself to search through my collection of beads and cast off jewelry my imagination and memories are stimulated. Picking out the ones that reflected the feeling in Grandma's attic brought her back for a few precious minutes on this beautiful Southern California morning.

My passion for recycling, repurposing and upcycling is reflected in this quilt. Someone gave me a stack of upholstery samples. The batting was taken from an old wool blanket that was made in Australia, and the upholstery scraps on the front of the quilt were the trimmings from a project with a friend.
Upholstery samples are free!! and often very beautiful.


  1. Hi Linda-Love, love, love the quilt! Also, I noticed how you organize your beads, etc. It gave me a great idea on how to get organized.

  2. Hi Mia, My daughter gave me these containers a few months ago and they have been great for keeping beads and small ephemera sorted and corralled.