Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jewelry Dress Form

I couldn't put the dress form idea to sleep last night so took a scrap of fabric, traced the pattern from the screen print project onto the fabric and turned it into a jewelry dress form. The original fabric fell somewhere between eggshell and beige. The form looked just fine as it was, but when I painted the stand, I had to try out Generation Green Shimmer Opaque Gel Medium Sapphire* to see if it painted nicely on fabric. Ah ha! It did. It stiffened the fabric a bit and that is just fine for this project. The lace necklace and waist detailing was made on the sewing machine. I merely stitched circles and odd shapes on the stabilizer, rinsed out the stabilizer, and stitched these lacy pieces onto the form.

* Generation Green Gel Mediums may be ordered on-line through keelingskrafts.com. If you ever order anything through Keelings Krafts, you will be delighted. Barb and Doug Keeling are great to work with.

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