Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Drats and Double Drats - Serger Threading Problem

Before prewashing fabric so that I can paint the background for a new quilting project, I pulled out my eency weency Singer TS +TS380 serger so that the edges wouldn't fray in the washing machine.  The serger is almost like a toy but it works just fine for small projects that don't require the finished precision of the higher level sergers.  When I first bought it, it took me 3 hours and ordering an instruction book online to get the darned thing threaded but pure stubborness got the deed done.  I swore at that time that I would never, ever thread the thing again.  I found that one can change threads by tying the ends of threads togehter and running them through the threading mechanism so that rethreading would not be an issue.

Much to my chagrin this morning I found that the thread on one of the spools had broken.  Oh, no, Mr. Bill!  I hauled out the instruction booklet but there was absolutely no way for me to get the darned thread through the backside hole of the 3rd little serger arm.  Guess I'll have to take it to a sewing machine place and pay someone to do it for me.  Rats.

Here's the little devil...

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