Friday, January 21, 2011

Pocket Book for Fiber Arts Post Cards

I belong to Serendipity Play Group, a mini group of Quilts on the Wall in Southern California.  The focus of the group is on creating and exchanging 5" x 7" quilted, fiber arts post cards.  A recent project is for each member to create his or her own "pocket book" for the post cards that are exchanged.  Because my grandmother called her purse a pocket book, that image has always been among my fondest memories; thus, my take on the pocket book was the shape of a purse.

My Completed Pocket Book

Yarn Fringe Looped Through Binder Rings

Side View that Shows the Edges of Various Pages

How and Where to Insert the Post Card

Three Sets of Buttonholes were Made to Accommodate the Binder rings
(inside view)

Three Sets of Buttonholes were Made to Accommodate the Binder Rings
(Outside view)
Page Example with Clear Vinyl Stitched around Three Sides
and Yarn Stitched around Four Sides

Example of Page Back
with Handsewn Vinyl Pocket to Hold Card Documentation

Washers Sewn to Each Page

Another View of Washer Attachment

A Handle Was Sewn to the Back Side Edge of the Pocket Book and
Heart Shaped Buttons were Stitched to the Front Edge.
The Clousure Consists of Loops of Cording That Were Stitched to the Back Edge
and Looped Over the Heart Buttons

View of Various Pages

Open Pocket Book

Final View of Completed Pocket book

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