Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Unorthodox Extension for Sewing Table

In order to make room in my diminutive living room for a fairly large Christmas Tree last month, I moved a rather small library table to the studio and plopped it up against my sewing table, just to keep it out of the way.  Serendipity can lead to most wonderful ideas.  As I was working on a fairly large quilt, it draped out onto the library table and this made the machine quilting process much easier that it is to wrangle the whole thing on one's lap.

After the holidays, the tree came down and I toyed with the idea of leaving the library table against the sewing table, but that really wasn't possible because I use that table as a laptop computer and printer table.  It dawned on me that I had purchased two tripod type roller arm systems to handle large pieces of wood that roll off my table saw in the garage.  I still don't know why I purchased two.  I suppose the price was too good to pass up.

I put the adjustable height roller unit together, found a scrap piece of 1/4"" plywood, covered it with clear vinyl, clamped the plywood to the table with the other end of the plywood resting on the roller assembly.  This makes a nifty extension for the sewing table and it's other great features are that it is light weight, can easily be disassembled and can easily be put away if more floor space is needed.  Here 'tiz.

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