Friday, December 23, 2011

Evening Light - Saving a Memory

Last evening while I was paying bills by the soft light of an old lamp, I was compelled to put the check book aside for a few moments and to merely enjoy the light.  A pencil was at hand, as was some printer paper, and a very quick sketch developed.  A light watercolor wash followed.  Then it was back to the much less enjoyable task of writing out checks and balancing the books.  The sketch was put aside and might have become fodder for the "circular file" since it was rendered on the back of piece of paper that had computer printout on the other side BUT...
It kept being shifted around the studio all day today and I just didn't want to chuck it.  I wanted to remember that moment when the soft light captivated me.  To try to replicate the sketch on watercolor paper would lack the magic of the light filled moment.  Instead I scanned it, printed and overprinted it, reduced the size and auditioned it as a greeting card element and then...
I reduced it again, this time to 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" ACEO card size.
Now I have a set of 6 greeting cards and 2 ACEO limited editions.  After spending the day with this quick sketch, the lamp light will be imprinted on my memory for a lifetime, even if the sketch has a limited lifespan.

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