Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"Migration" - An 8" x 10" Art Quilt

This new work was a purely intuitive adventure in pattern, color, texture and design.  It began without an end in mind and with "quilt-as-you-go" piecing of various fabric patterns.  It was finished with a satin stitched edging.  Each of the pieced elements were free motion quilted differently.  Onto this background I screen printed two birds and free motion satin stitched around each figure.  This completed focal element was stitched onto a larger soy fiber quilted piece and then stretched and stapled to an 8" x 10" artist's stretched canvas.  Soft edges are created by the soy fibers.
"Migration" - Front
I finished the raw edges on the reverse in a rather unconventional, but effective, manner.  I used a pallet knife to apply stucco patch to the fabric edges and then feathered the edges to the stretcher frame.  After the stucco patch was completely dry and rock hard, I painted it to coordinate with the soy fibers.  The bird  figure on the back was made by using a reverse mask stencil taken from one of the bird figures on the front of the work.

"Migration" - Back

When the stucco patch is completely cured and hard as a rock, I will paint it with colors to compliment the soy fiber quilted fabric.   Again, another day of exploration and discover has been great fun.