Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tea for Two (on a cold winter's day)

As the cool days of Fall move into the cold days of winter, what could be better than sharing a hot cup of tea with a friend or loved one?
This 19" x 22 1/2" quilt features a fabric painted background with overlaying original stamps and original stencils cut specifically for the focal image of this work.  

It was fun watching this piece develop from a  piece of fabric that I had painted with blues and whites only.  It sat on my work table for a while with nothing more than these two colors.  Then came the introduction of stamped images that I had developed.  One day a tea pot and a couple of cups sat next to the fabric, and the rest speaks for itself. 
 Focal Theme Closeup
 I could have batted, backed and bound this piece and it would have stood on its own, but I believed it needed to be framed--not with a picture frame, but with more fabric.  

I had some blue and white gingham in my stash of fabrics that was left over from a "Dorothy" costume dress I had made for my granddaughter several years ago.  The blue was right and did not clash with the painted blue.  Moreover, I felt that the gingham sang "warm and cozy and kitcheny" and would be right for the theme. 
 Feather Stitching Closeup

I had been using feather stitching on another work and since I was in feather "swing", a swag of feathers seemed appropriate.
 Lettering Closeup
The lettering was first penciled onto the fabric and since I already had the free motion foot on my machine, I gave executing the letters with a close, somewhat narrow zigzag stitch and it worked.  

 Mitered Corner Closeup
The closeup of the double fold binding makes it appear as if this is homespun fabric, but it is not.  The weave is close.  This merely shows that one continuous binding strip has mitered corners.  

Reverse with 4" Hanging Sleeve and Signed Label
If possible, I always try to make a label that reflects the theme on the front of my art quilts.  This one is stenciled, backed and appliqued to the back of the quilt.  It contains my name, city and the date, 2011, when the quilt was made.

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