Sunday, September 15, 2013

"Cool Classic Rides" - A Solo Show of Teresa Shippy's Art

Teresa Shippy's solo art quilt show, "Cool Classic Rides" was like no other that I have ever attended.  If any readers have a chance to visit the show, it will be on exhibit at Soft Expressions through October, 2013.  I spent at least 2 hours at the show and still needed more time to be immersed in the grandness of creativity.  Teresa has created 27 art quilts that feature classic cars.  Her choice of fabrics, including the use of men's ties from the 1960's for some of the grill works, was absolutely stunning and her hyper-dense free motion quilting with Valdani Threads exclusively was out of this world beautiful.  Be sure to check out Teresa's blog.  It provides an insight regarding the meticulous detail that goes into each and every one of her gorgeous works.  The post card to introduce the show were created by the curator and artist extraordinaire, Deborah Stanley.  

If at all possible, you must try to see these in person to appreciate them fully, but if you are unable to visit Soft Expressions from today through October, 2013, they entire collection will be traveling with the Mancuso shows where you will have a chance to see these works up close and personal.  I dare you not to want to touch then...but don't. :-)

Here is a closeup of the fantastic post card that the curator, Deborah Stanley, created.  It also provides all the information you will need to find Teresa's show at Soft Expressions.

Cool Classic Rides Vertical Promo 2013 

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