Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Peek through the Garden Fence - A New Work Underway

Here's a peek at a new work that is under way.
A while back I participated in Teresa Shippy's tin tile printing workshop, created some great prints and fell in love with the process.  Because of other projects on my worktable I didn't explore the technique further until recently, but last week I set up a little work station in my driveway and set about making four fabric blocks with Teresa's technique.
 This quilt top is now at the stage where I need to consider how I am going to quilt it and what, if anything, I need to add to really make the tin-tile* prints pop.  I'll post more about this work as it progresses.

*Note:  I used Teresa's technique, but I did not use a ceiling tin tile.  I used a wrought iron piece that I picked up at a yard sale that a friend was having.


  1. Looking good, Linda. It's been perfect weather for Teresa's technique. xoxo Mia

    1. You've got that right, Mia. The weather is perfect. The pieces dry in a matter of minutes. I'm at the stage that I want to start quilting the piece, but I don't have enough batting so I guess I'll need to take a trip to the yardage store.

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    many thanks from
    Diana gartenzaun

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