Sunday, March 22, 2015

Possible New Works from Quick Sketches

Composite of Quick Sketch Paintings
I'm still straightening up the studio, culling, sorting, storing and whatever one does to put one's space in order.  Today I ran across these several 8 1/2" x 11" quick sketched works that I did months ago.  Four were finished and three still called for paint, so I hauled out the paints and completed the unfinished ones. 

Each of these were created, as follows:

1.  I ripped pages from an old telephone book, tore the pages into smaller pieces and randomly glued the strips onto card stock with gel medium.

2.  After the pages were dry, I quickly sketched flowers and birds over the collaged telephone page strips.  (If you haven't guessed, these are "Linda birds and flowers" for I doubt very seriously that one would ever find anything like them in nature.)

3.  I squirted various colors of acrylic paint onto a palette and took out a variety of brush sizes.

4.  With no color placement or planning, I painted over and around the drawn images.

Here are the individual paintings that are in the composite image above.

After a distance was created by months of being out of sight, I find that I rather like a few of these and may consider making them into art quilts.

The best part of putting the studio in order is finding things that had totally slipped my mind.  The worst part is that with each discovery, I am magnetically pulled away from the housekeeping that needs to be done.  Ahh, if life were only filled with such problems, it would be a constantly joyous experience.
Always remember, never fear to experiment.  
Sometimes wonderful things happen.
© Linda Friedman 2015.  All rights reserved


  1. What a wonderful find, Linda! House cleaning can wait. I'm looking forward to seeing which one (or more) turn into art quilts.

    1. Thanks for dropping in and leaving a comment, Mia. I pulled out the undersea UFO today and started to work on it. Hope I have it done by August 1st for the 11' wall exhibit. So much for cleaning the studio. It's starting to look like it did when I started. "-)