Saturday, March 14, 2015

Thread Painting a Peacock with Metallic Threads

Thread painting with metallic threads on the peacock continues...
Blending Metallic Threads
 Working with metallic threads and non-metallic Floriani threads is what I've been looking forward to, so I'm having great fun.  This morning I pinned the peacock to the design board so that I could step back to see how the thread work is blending.  I see that at this point the peacock looks like it has a flat head.  Oh, no!  Oh, yes.  This means that I need to add more of the lime green metallic thread to where the curve is.

Sometimes standing back from a work is a really good thing to do.  Up close and personal everything looks good, but the perspective that is gained from stepping back and assessing the work as a whole can be very useful.  By doing this, I see where more work needs to be done.  Here is a picture  of thread blending where the neck meets the breast of the peacock.  it definitely needs more blending of the fuchsia colored threads with the turquoise threads.
Blending Metallic Threads in the Breast Area
 So now that I've stepped back and appraised the thread painting so far, I'll head back to the sewing machine and continue.  Love this part.  The treads are beautiful and working with them is such a joy.

I'll be baaaaack...

Always remember, never fear to experiment.  
Sometimes wonderful things happen.
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  1. I admire your use of so many metallic threads. I get frustrated as I find that they break too often for me.

    1. Hi Nancy, I had great luck using a Schmetz metallic needle on the blue and deep pinkish, tinsel type thread, but the green, knobby kind on the back of the neck gave me headaches. It kept wanting to tangle up on the back. There were a lot of starts, stops, snippings and redos with that I didn't use it much. Thanks for dropping in and leaving a note.