Saturday, March 21, 2015

Stenciling with Glue and Glitter

After success with using overhead projection sheets to cut stencils I wondered if these stencils could be used with glue so that glitter could be applied to fabric.

1.  I used the stencil I cut yesterday.

2. Poured a dollop of Weldbond glue onto a scrap piece of paper.
3. Placed the stencil over fabric and applied glue with a small "makeup" sponge.
4. Carefully lifted the stencil from the fabric to reveal the pattern of glue on the fabric.
5. Before the glue dried, I sprinkled extra fine, almost powdery, glitter made by Recollections, over the entire glued surface.
6. When the glue was dry, I shook the excess glitter onto a piece folded paper so that I could return it to the container and then used a soft brush to remove any remaining loose glitter.

Here is a close-up of one print made with the stencil, glue and glitter.
I continued printing more images with the glue.  I sprinkled each image with glitter as it was made.  This was done to make sure that the glue was still wet.  If I had waited until all images were printed, the first glued images might have been too dry for the glitter to adhere.

Here are repeated, glittered images.
After applying glue, I washed the stencil with warm water and used a soft brush to remove any glue that didn't wipe off easily. 

Since the overhead projection sheet has remained totally intact, I'm thinking that it might even be used to apply a textured medium to greeting cards and journal pages.  Hmmmm.  Discovering multiple uses for things is great fun.  If you happen to try this stencil cutting method, I'd love to hear how it works for you.

Always remember, never fear to experiment.  
Sometimes wonderful things happen.
© Linda Friedman 2015.  All rights reserved


  1. Linda ~ you did it again! Another great idea! The instructions on how to achieve the glittering design are easy to understand. Adding the step by step photos are a plus. I'm looking forward to the next "what if".

    1. Mia, I'm glad that you found the step-by-step explanation easy to follow. Ahhh, the next "what if"...Experimentation and discovery are great fun but they sure interrupt the process of straightening up the studio :-)