Monday, September 29, 2014

Quilts in Mancuso Quilt Fest, Palm Springs, CA

It was great fun this morning to receive a flier from the Mancuso Quilt Fest and to find that two of my quilts will be in the show.  They will be in the Special Exhibits section.  "Autumn's Palette"will be with the "Appearances" exhibit from Quilts on the Wall.   "Between Heaven and Earth" is in the "Fiber Perceptions" exhibit with Beyond the Edge Fiber Artists.
"Between Heaven and Earth"
"Autumn's Palette"
 If you happen to be in the Southern California area between October 2nd and October 4th, be sure to take in Quiltfest.  It's sure to be a great show.
Always remember, never fear to experiment.  
Sometimes wonderful things happen.
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  1. I'm planning on attending the quilt show and looking forward to seeing both exhibits there.

    1. Mia, will you be able to take pictures to share?